Looking Through the Lens

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Adriana Savino, Jay Bookbinder, Barry Miller Adriana Savino, Jay Bookbinder, Barry Miller

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Brickell Gallery Night: Looking Through the Lens, was held at Perricone's Marketplace & Café and focused generally on photography as an artistic medium and specifically on the work of Alejandro Renteria and Lara Solomon. The evening was hosted by Stella M. Holmes and Steven Perricone and sponsored by The Brickellian, Overseas Partners Realty, Petal Productions and The Sports Club/LA. Brickell Gallery Night was founded by Holmes with the goal of bringing together people through art so that those who live or work in Brickell can connect and forge a cultural identity. A portion of the proceeds from sales benefitted the Lowe Art Museum.

Photos by Meg Pukel

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