Apple Restaurant Opening

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Ashlee Harrison, Stephanie Rosado, Alina Eakins Ashlee Harrison, Stephanie Rosado, Alina Eakins

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Miami Beach tastemakers and culinary connoisseurs welcomed Apple Restaurant & Lounge to the ever expanding Miami Beach cuisine scene. The acclaimed LA eatery opened its doors for guests including Apple Restaurant & Lounge principal, Steve Marlton, Shai Ben Ami, Carmel Dubuque, Andrea Greenberg, Ashlee Harrison, Hadley Henriette, Jillian Jacobson-Altit, Edie Laquer, David Lebatard (LEBO), Nicole Lozano, and Sanford Ziff to experience the contemporary American cuisine reflecting the best of South Florida’s bounty and skill of famed Chef Bryan Ogden, son of James Beard Award winning chef, Bradley Ogden.

Photos by Manny Hernandez

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