After-School All-Stars Annual Fundraising Gala @ Faena Hotel

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Alonzo Mourning, Wayne Boich, Wayne Boich, Sr. Alonzo Mourning, Wayne Boich, Wayne Boich, Sr.

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After-School All-Stars South Florida raised over $400,000 at its second annual private VIP charity fundraiser, All-In for All-Stars, hosted by Wayne Boich, Mark Groussman, Bobby Yampolsky and Sean Posner and presented by ECJ Luxe. Held in the Faena Hotel’s gilded Theater Room in Miami Beach, celebrities and heavy hitters including Alonzo Mourning, Ray Allen, Romero Britto, Tomi Rose, Mark Strickland and Ace Hood were among the guests in attendance supporting After-School All-Stars South Florida.

After-School All-Stars South Florida serves more than 2,000 students and families across 16 Title 1 middle schools, every day at no charge.

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