“Together, We Must”

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Marlon Hill, delancyhill P.A.
Senator Bob Graham Marlon Hill, delancyhill P.A.
Senator Bob Graham

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Legal Services of Greater Miami (LSGMI) launched the “Together, We Must” Campaign for Justice, a new fundraising drive co-chaired by Eugene Stearns, Bob Parks and Corali Lopez-Castro. Senator Bob Graham served as the keynote speaker, which was hosted by Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson P.A. at their state of the art facilities overlooking the Miami skyline.

The event brought together more than 100 successful attorneys and community leaders and created a buzz in response to the national economic crisis that has hit Miami-Dade particularly hard. The goal of the “Together, We Must” Campaign for Justice is to raise one million dollars to protect the rights of South Florida’s neediest individuals and families by securing their access to housing, healthcare, disability benefits, and income security.

“You have a special role, responsibility and privilege in our society to represent people in defense of their lives, their freedom and their property, and with that come special obligations. We are gathered here tonight to ask you to fulfill one of those special obligations--to sustain equality for those who need it most,” said Senator Graham. “LSGMI is the means by which equality is provided to thousands of people in this community, and now is the time to support them.”

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