Smash and Grab

Locust Projects Fundraiser a Smashing Success

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Carrying away a Carlos Betancourt Carrying away a Carlos Betancourt

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Locust Projects was jam packed with collectors and artists for the Sixth Annual Smash and Grab Fundraiser. Always a favorite with Miami's art community, the event brought out notable attendees including George Lindeman, Michael Gold, Paul and Estelle Berg, Joe Berg, Debra and Dennis Scholl, and Emma Afra. Each ticket sold guaranteed a work of art, but the excitement of the evening was the rapid-fire raffle, sparking a mad-dash as patrons raced to claim their first pick. Once the final name had been called, the Locust Projects supporters immediately begin carting away their prizes in true Smash and Grab fashion. All proceeds from the event go to fund Locust Projects in its continuing commitment to support emerging art.

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