Manuel Moure and Blake Fisher

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D&G Art Design Gallery opened a new exhibition of the works of Manuel Moure and Blake Fisher.

Born in the north of Spain into a family of painters, Moure grew up in a very artistic environment. Even though he is a young artist, he has already been exhibited in great galleries in his native Spain and France. His artistic journey started in the surrealism and has evolved toward abstract expressionism with his canvases exploding with force and coherence.

Photographer Blake Fisher was born in Minneapolis and began as a commercial photographer, maintaining his love of fine art photography, principally nudes. He moved to Europe in 1989 to work in fashion, and since his return to the U.S. in 1993, he has focused on shooting fine art. His work is printed on silver gelatin paper, in limited editions, focusing on the female form as one of the most timeless subjects in photography.

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