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Ron Levitt, a freelance writer, is a former United Press Staff Correspondent and chairman of a public relations firm. He served as Florida’s Assistant Secretary of State. He currently is president of the South Florida International Press Club and secretary of the Society of Professional Journalists (South Florida chapter). He is a theatre critic and a Carbonell voter, Vice President of the Theatre League of South Florida and serves on the Board of WLRN Public radio/TV in Miami and on the Executive Committee of the University of Miami Citizens Board. He can be reached at

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Stalking the Bogeyman Provides Wicked Fun!

The cast alone at GableStage at the Biltmore should be a big draw. It’s like a Who’s Who in South Florida theatre. Add to this a terrific play of absorbing drama, and it’s a hit in the making.

Even the name of the play, "Stalking the Bogeyman," is catchy. And director Joseph Adler is promising his loyal fans a wickedly funny time. It’s a must see production with Alex Alvarez, Patti Gardner, David Kwiat, Taylor Miller, Bill Schwartz and Barbara Sloan.
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Constellations at GableStage

Prize winning married theatre actors - much like Lunt and Fontaine - have a spectacular time on the stage together, especially when the audience knows in advance that the twosome are a couple in real life. So, if you know before the play begins that prize-winning thespians Katherine Amadeo and Antonio Amadeo, appearing in the GableStage production of the British play Constellations, have been married for 12 years, it is difficult not to realize the chemistry that they illuminate on stage is real.

That is a truism especially when a play has its characters in multiple possibilities of a relationship. The actors who can make these encounters seem real speak volumes for the talent of these two individuals, whether a couple in real life or not. The Amadeos deliver in both scenarios in this production and emerge as a multi-talented duo – exceptional as individuals and a WOW together in this two character play.
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Demos Brown Delivers with Legal Thriller ’Stripped’

How does one juggle being a successful Miami lawyer with a second career as one of South Florida’s most prolific playwrights? That question is sure to arise when watching Christopher Demos-Brown’s latest premiere offering - "Stripped," a thoughtful, enticing play making its debut for Zoetic Stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

Stripped – with a remarkable cast, astute direction and all the tech attributes which makes for good theatre – marks another milestone in author Demos Brown’s astonishing double life career.
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Review: Shorts Gone Wild

This year’s Shorts Gone Wild3, an outgrowth of South Florida’s renowned Summer Shorts, may be gay-centric, but it has enough human appeal to resonate with all adult audiences. Theatre has always been gay-friendly in its history, and the current eight playlets in this 2015 version are such good productions, so interesting in concept and so well acted, they will appeal to an entire audience without preaching. Rather they are a quick but biting look at our evolving society where gay marriage is recognized as legal along with other civil rights issues. Currently playing at Empire Stage through September 6 and then moving to the Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theatre in Miami Beach September 10 through 13.
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Review: Unnecessary Farce @ Actors’ Playhouse

Most of the time one goes to the theatre where the producers promise that you will be inspired and/or you will ”think” about some important issue. But, the latest offering at Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre offers none of that. Instead, it is proud to provide several hours of non-stop laughter and fun-filled performances. And, it delivers! There is no pretense at seriousness. Photo by Alberto Romeu.
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Review: Casa Valentina @ GableStage

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Ragtime Thrills at Actors’ Playhouse

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Island City Stage Prepares Michael McKeever’s “Daniel’s Husband”

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Review: Bad Jews at GableStage

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