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Lauren Cohen was born and raised in Miami Beach and graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in Motion Pictures. She has been writing about film since 2009, with her movie reviews and features appearing regularly in and Miami Beach News, among others. She’s interviewed some of the most recognizable faces in the film industry, including Daniel Craig, Emma Stone, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Javier Bardem. An avid supporter of the arts, Lauren also works with the Miami Film Festival to promote the best of world cinema to the Miami community.

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Review: La La Land

Have you ever walked down the street, emotions silently bursting, and wishing the outside world would acknowledge your current state of being through song? It's what made Singin' in the Rain's titular number such a lasting treasure -- it captured the perhaps stifled desire we have to sing, dance, and jump in puddles during a moment of euphoria...
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Miami Film Festival Reveals 2016 GEMS Line-up

The main edition of the Miami Film Festival may not be back until March 2017, but film lovers can rest easy knowing that their festival fix is just a quick month away. Miami Film Festival’s mini fall festival GEMS will take place exclusively at MDC’s Tower Theater from October 13-16, promising us four days of stunning world cinema and festivities. Boasting an impressive 13-film line-up, GEMS is bringing Miami audiences the Florida premieres of some of the most buzzed-about movies to hit the festival circuit this year, including critically-acclaimed films from Cannes, Sundance and Berlin.

Still from Don't Call Me Son
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Review: Me Before You

Romantic tearjerkers are a grand chick-flick tradition. In the world of weepies, we can’t fully understand two characters’ never-ending love for each other until we witness the unbearable grieving they inevitable feel upon being torn apart; it’s emotional masochism at its finest. Even when it’s half-baked – and it usually is -- there’s something so satisfying about leaving a theater with red-rimmed eyes after two hours of emotional cleansing. But every once in a while, that formula is held to a bit of a higher standard, aiming to earn your tears rather than just forcefully extracting them through whatever means necessary...
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Review: ‘Weiner’ Documentary Opens at MDC’s Tower Theater

“The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.” – Marshall McLuhan

So begins Weiner, Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steignberg’s energetic, powerhouse documentary about Anthony Weiner. It’s a fitting quote; the former democratic congressman was caught in the middle of a sexting scandal when it came to light that he was sending explicit pictures of himself via the internet under the name “Carlos Danger.”
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