West Encounters East Documentary Debuting on WPBT2

Introduces viewers to the unique world of Japanese Brazilian artists

Guillermo Ueno
Roberto Okinaka, Gianni Toyota, Stella Holmes,
Takashi Fukushima and Yugo Mabe
São Paulo, Brazil. 2012

On Tuesday, April 30 from 7 to 10 p.m., Stella M. Holmes and the Lowe Art Museum will host a reception to celebrate the debut of Holmes' documentary, West Encounters East (WEE).

The film will take viewers on a journey to Brazil to uncover a vibrant culture and unique art world. WEE is premiering on WPBT2/South Florida Public Television on Monday, May 6 at 9:00 p.m. and encoring on Friday, May 10 at 10:00 p.m.

WEE, which has been picked up in more than 150 markets, focuses on a little-known population: the Japanese Brazilians, comprising the largest population of ethnic Japanese outside of Japan itself. It follows well-known and emerging artists of Japanese descent from various generations who immigrated to Latin America during the 20th Century.

Created by Executive Producer Stella M. Holmes and filmed with Emmy Award-winning Producer Linda Corley, West Encounters East focuses on the fusion of culture, history and tradition in the works of these artists and explores the ongoing integration of Asian traditions into Latin American culture. The story of these multicultural artists, told primarily through their canvases, sculptures, ceramics and photography, brings to light the dynamic and little-known saga of the Japanese presence in Brazil.

Jade Matarazzo
Tanabata Festival
São Paulo, Brazil. 2012

West Encounters East Journey
Japan. 2012
“Bridging cultures through art has always captured my soul, especially cultures that are so vastly different,” says Holmes, whose experience of growing up with a Paraguayan mother and Argentine father gave her valuable insights into the issues and challenges examined in this film.

Holmes, the film’s Executive Producer, host and curator, was born in Buenos Aires and educated in Argentina, France and the United States. An art historian and collector for more than two decades, Ms. Holmes makes her home in Miami, where her creativity and passion continue to enrich the community's cultural institutions. She is benefactor of the Stella M. Holmes Art Research Center at the University of Miami's Lowe Art Museum, where she is a member of the Director's Circle, and principal supporter of ArtLab, an exhibition program launched by the Lowe and the Art & Art History Department of the University of Miami to provide students with hands-on experience in curating museum exhibitions.

West Encounters East was made possible with support from Maria Estela Santacruz. To attend the opening reception at the Lowe Art Museum, email info@westencounterseast.com, or call 305-854-4959.

West Encounters East Journey
Sugarloaf Mountain
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2012

Art historian, Stella Holmes