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2015 Summer Camp Guide

Get ready. Your kids will be finished with the school year in the blink of an eye! Make sure you're prepared with the help of SocialMiami's Summer Camp Guide, coming out March 15. We're hard at work compiling an updated list of camps for summer 2015 with all sorts of fun and educational activities.

SocialMiami is the leader for all things social in Miami and that includes summer activities for the kids. Summer camp provides children the opportunity to interact with children their own age in an environment that differs from school.

So, check back with SocialMiami on March 15 and see the complete list of Miami summer camps. All of the most important information comes through SocialMiami, so we are sure to have the most comprehensive list of summer camps in Miami.

And if you are affiliated with a Miami summer camp, contact info@socialmiami.com for listing and advertising options. Donít be left behind. Make sure that we know about your summer camp!

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