Style Encounter: Joana Davila

Joana Davila

Joanna embodies that understated solar Miami style - nonchalant, unconventional, a mix of sexy and gamine, unique yet reassuring. In other words, if she walks into a coffee bar, she is your girl! You want her to come and sit next to you and talk about a movie, a trip, or a pair of shoes, and be best friends at first sight.

Name: Joanna Davila

Generation: Generation Y

Occupation: Creative Consultant

FB - What brought you to Miami?

JD - Sunshine and a relaxed lifestyle

FB - Charitable, non-profit or philanthropic organization of choice?

JD - It is not in Miami - The Women’s Center in Danbury, CT

FB - Which article of clothing do you begin with when you get dressed?

JD - Typically I think about what I will be doing for the day and then think about shoes first. The rest is a sort of formula.

FB - You have been living in Miami long enough that . . .?

JD - I have learned to appreciate Ocean Drive for what it is.

FB - What's Miami's best kept secret?

JD - Bayfront Park, which was actually designed by Isamu Noguchi, and Lucila’s Vanilla Rum Cake

FB - Do you use public transportation?

JD - I typically drive but if it was convenient for me to use, I would do it. (When I lived in NYC, I loved taking the subway.)

Joana Davila

FB - The one thing Miami is known for, but you have never visited, experienced, done, eaten?

JD - Stiltsville, I have been trying to get out there for years!

FB - The book on your nightstand?

JD - Wallpaper Guide Books to Portugal, where I’m planning to travel in the fall with my husband.

FB - The last time you went to the movies?

JD - I saw Jordan Peele’s film, Get Out, which was incredible. I highly, highly recommend it.

FB - A food you can't resist?

JD - Rice. I grew up eating it and find it very satisfying, always.

FB - Your signature fragrance?

JD - I actually don’t have a signature per se, but right now I’m loving mostly everything by Maison Louis Marie, especially the Cassis.

Francesca Belluomini is a writer, style consultant and soon-to-be-published author. Originally from Tuscany, Italy, she has been living in Miami long enough to know not to blink when peacocks cross the street. With a degree in Fashion Sociology and a Master in Mass Media and Communication from the University of Florence, Francesca has dedicated her career to fashion, forming the foundations of her unpretentious taste. She makes women look effortlessly chic and feel confident by making the Italian way of dressing achievable.

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