Style Encounter: Amber Rapicavoli

Amber Rapicavoli

Amber and I met in a boutique in Wynwood. She has a style that makes her look comfortable as well as empowered; she is warm, and when she smiles, her face opens happily. She loves food - actually “good food,” and not to give it all away, I'll tell you this: Amber is married to Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli so good taste, good food and good style are prevalent in her family.

Name: Amber Rapicavoli

Occupation: Entrepreneur.

FB - Generation? (I am not asking age, but the generation that defines her style.)

AR - I’ve always found the 1920’s very intriguing - a period of youthful rebellion, individuality and the raw energy of independence – and the fabulous flapper dress! But the 1960’s style generation inspires me most; where iconic fashion emerged from youthful rebellion - mod (sleek & stylish), rocker (leather-clad) and hippie (casual & undefined)!

FB - What brought you to Miami?

AR - Born & raised! What keeps me here -- MI FAMIGLIA!

FB - Charitable, non-profit or philanthropic organization of choice?

AR - Many, but those organizations affiliated with fighting hunger and cancer hit closest to home. My family and I also actively support the Slow Food movement.

FB - Which article of clothing do you begin with when you get dressed? (People swear it's their shoes, others the jewelry; we love variety and inspiration.)

AR - My outfit typically starts with my mood … and then my shoes.

Amber Rapicavoli

FB - You have been living in Miami long enough that . . .?

AR - I forget we live in Paradise!

FB - If you were to move, what would you miss the most of Miami?

AR - The warm beaches and melting pot of food culture … especially Cuban cuisine.

FB - The book on your nightstand?

AR - I’m immersed in coffee and its culture right now … BREW by Brain W Jones and The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffmann.

FB - A food you can't resist?

AR - Bread, cheese & olive oil.

Francesca Belluomini is a writer, style consultant and soon-to-be-published author. Originally from Tuscany, Italy, she has been living in Miami long enough to know not to blink when peacocks cross the street. With a degree in Fashion Sociology and a Master in Mass Media and Communication from the University of Florence, Francesca has dedicated her career to fashion, forming the foundations of her unpretentious taste. She makes women look effortlessly chic and feel confident by making the Italian way of dressing achievable.

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