Foodie Find: Keto Menu at the Tuck Room

It’s unlikely we’ll recommend a lot of movie theater dining in this column and it’s a certainly we’ll rarely mention chicken fingers. So listen closely, because at the Tuck Room at the iPic theater in North Miami there is a Keto friendly menu offering a few items we haven’t enjoyed in years. When discussing this low-carb, low-sugar menu, we’re forced to start with the chicken fingers that – as far as we can tell – taste better than anything a restaurant might roll in gluten and fry. Here, they’re tender inside, crispy outside, and prepared with almond flour, parmesan, paprika, select spices and served with sriracha ranch. The spicy tuna lettuce cups live up to their zesty name with an aioli containing a kick and a slice of jalapeno on top, while the Caesar is served with parmesan crisps and – if you choose – expertly grilled filet. The best part, Keto devotees can order dessert and these low-sugar offerings are delicious. Key to Lime bars are served with almond flour crust and mini chocolate chip Whoopie Pies won’t get left behind because the bite-sized cookies filled with mascarpone cream cheese are worth every last bite.

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