Foodie: Find: Caviar Russe at the Four Seasons

An outpost of the Manhattan hotspot, in Brickell

Tucked into the lobby of the Four Seasons on Brickell is the outpost of the Manhattan hotspot, Caviar Russe. Here, upper echelon pretension is belied by two welcoming features. First, there are the “power hour” prices that bring champagne and its finest culinary accompaniments accessible to almost anyone working in or traveling to this bustling business district. And also, a prevailing attitude suggesting there’s no wrong way to consume your caviar – put it on a canape, pop it on to a potato slice, top it with crème fresh and hard eggs or spoon it on to your tongue straight.

“There’s no wrong way to enjoy caviar,” says owner and managing director Ilya Panchernikov, who relocated here from New York to oversee this Miami location. “That’s so old school. We want to break that image. Sit down and eat it however you want.”

The prices make it even more palatable. Monday through Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. the specials include a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and 1.75 oz of Osetra for $135. The respectable cocktail selection (Don Julio, Zyr of Russia, and Johnnie Walker Black) and power bites are also offered at the palatable price of $12.

Oysters, exclusively from the west coast, arrive on beds of salt — not ice — and Bluefin Tuna is served instead of the usual Yellowfin. There are also a seafood tower, caviar, King Crab & Maine lobster croquettes, hamachi tataki and steak tartare.

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