Watch for more profiles of men and women who exude the unique Miami Style. "/>
Watch for more profiles of men and women who exude the unique Miami Style. ">

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Meet Iva Kosovic

Iva Kosović
Iva in Marc Jacobs jacket, Kit and Ace shirt, and Steve Madden shoes

Iva Kosović
Close up: Vintage Fendi bag and Fendi sunglasses

Name: Iva Kosović

Generation: Gen Y

Occupation: Director of Corporate Partnerships & Friends of NWS at the New World Symphony

Charity of Choice: No More Tears and Fashionably Conscience for Coconut Grove Cares

FB - What brought you to Miami?

IK - My father's career.

FB - You have been living in Miami long enough that ... 

IK - I now speak Spanish fluently.

FB - The one thing Miami is known for, but you have never visited, experienced, done, eaten?

IK - I’ve never been to Miami Seaquarium, or to a Heat game (gasp!).

FB - If you were to move, what would you miss the most about Miami?

IK – Little Havana.

FB - A cat or a dog person?

IK - I am a proud mommy to one of each, and I love them both to pieces. They get along famously.

FB - The last time you went to the movies?

IK - It was a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at O Cinema.

FB - Yoga or bootcamp?

IK - Yoga, 100%. Bootcamp can be stressful.

Iva is as smooth as a cat, knowledgeable and quick to draw you in one of the causes she dedicates her time and energies to or an understated yet sophisticated catch-up dinner with friends.

Francesca Belluomini is a writer, style consultant and soon-to-be-published author. Originally from Tuscany, Italy, she has been living in Miami long enough to know not to blink when peacocks cross the street. With a degree in Fashion Sociology and a Master in Mass Media and Communication from the University of Florence, Francesca has dedicated her career to fashion, forming the foundations of her unpretentious taste. She makes women look effortlessly chic and feel confident by making the Italian way of dressing achievable.

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