PAMM’s Art of the Party Confirms Major Guests and Spectacular Setting

Wayne & Arlene Chaplin at last year's Art of the PartyWayne & Arlene Chaplin at last year's Art of the Party

Julian Chang & Abigail Pollack Julian Chang & Abigail Pollack
Arlene Chaplin -- Miami philanthropist and creator of the city’s famous YogArt events -- is co-chairing Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Art of the Party event this Saturday night. Excitement is building throughout the city and the buzz is growing as the extravagant fundraiser approaches, featuring Valentino as a presenting sponsor and Norman van Aiken for menu design. But Chaplin, for her part, is sharply focused on how art erases boundaries and forms bonds between people.

“I always wanted my three children to see how art connects us,” says Chaplin, whose co-chairing with her husband Wayne Chaplin as well as Sandra and Anthony Tamer. “Everyone reacts differently but it ultimately brings us all closer together.”

This weekend, it’s most certainly bringing together a long list of Miami’s marquee names, all of whom are adorning the coveted invitation that managed to divide the night into three, unique experiences. Honoring prominent philanthropists Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst as well as internationally acclaimed artist Christo, the gala will feature a (sold-out!) cocktail reception and seated dinner, an alfresco lounge dining experience, and an after-party that’s slated to be packed with notable influencers.

“We want to welcome everyone,” says Chaplin. “We want everyone to experience our world-class contemporary art museum.”

The event is slated to be as prestigious as the works PAMM displays. The Chef’s Table – which at $25,000 to seat 10 or $2500 per guest is completely full -- is offering unforgettable dining experience crated by Van Aken on the East Portico at 6:30 p.m. Patrons with confirmed seats include committee members Alexa and Adam Wolman, Darlene and Jorge Perez, Volha and Nicholas Singer, Diane and Robert Moss, Gail Meyers and Andrew Hall and Volha and Nicholas Singer.

Darlene Perez, Jorge Perez & Teresita Fernandez at a past Art of the PartyDarlene Perez, Jorge Perez & Teresita Fernandez at a past Art of the Party

Krista Rosenberg, Alexa Wolman & Suzy Buckley Woodward at a past Art of the PartyKrista Rosenberg, Alexa Wolman & Suzy Buckley Woodward at a past Art of the Party
The Supper Club – slated for the waterfront promenade at 8:30 p.m. – offers private reservations, including cocktail service and a butler for patrons paying $10,000. Social spotters can expect to see in these seats Miami notables including Erin Michelle Newberg, Christina Pérez, John Joseph Lin, Bibi Pestana and Jillian Lourdes Sanz.

When dinner is over, Remix begins. At 10:30 p.m. the waterfront space will transform into a vibrant club where guests will dance and enjoy desserts – that’s just $150. Confirmed social and business influencers setting the stage for late night festivities include Ashley Sebook, Elizabeth Coppolecchia, Cristina and Omar DeWindt, Chris di Schino, Ashley Sebok and Richard Lalane.

Says Chaplin: “It’s a fabulous time while supporting an organization that grants school children all over South Florida free access to the arts.”

TICKETS for Chef’s Table Seated Dinner Tables of 10 are available for $25,000. Individual tickets are also available for $2,500.

Supper Club Dinner Lounge Private lounge seating with butler service is available for $10,000; Reserved lounge seating tickets are available for $1,000 per guest. Tickets are also available for $1,500 per couple or $750 per guest.

Remix After Party Individual tickets are available for $150 per guest.

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