Homage to Verdi

Gloria Porcella brings Italy to the Design District

Gloria Porcella

During the past three years, Gloria Porcella has brought some of the more memorable public art projects to Miami. Many will remember the Pink Snails that invaded Miami Beach in 2011. The following year, Porcella presented FOReverglades at the Freedom Tower and outfitted the building’s exterior with replicas of indigenous wildlife from the Everglades.

Originally from Rome, Porcella’s lineage in the Italian art world is now in its fourth generation. Porcella’s great grandfather was a well-known personality in the art community and was friends with many famous artists. His son, Porcella’s grandfather, was the art critic for L'Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican. Her grandfather covered works mainly from the Renaissance period; and his son, Porcella’s father, in 1970 opened the contemporary art gallery Galleria Ca’ d’Oro (House of Gold).

Three years ago, Porcella brought her father’s gallery to Coral Gables before making the decision to relocate to the Miami Design District. On Friday, October 11th, Galleria Ca’ d’Oro will re-open in the 4141 Building with an exclusive cocktail reception celebrating the space’s opening exhibition, Homage to Verdi, a moving and engaging memorialization to one of the most important composers in Italian history, Guiseppe Verdi (October 10, 1813–1901). The opening will feature a live concert featuring classical music by Camersití della Scala of Milan.

Curated by Porcella and Lamberto Petrecca, the exhibition highlights the works of 32 contemporary artists, including pop artist Leonardo Hidalgo, award winning composer-artist Alfredo Rapetti Mogol, Monica Casali, eco-friendly artist Erika Calesini, Daniela Pasti Augias, Romero Britto, Sasha Torrisi, Gloria Sesana, and other members of the artistic Ca’d’Oro extended family.

Porcella acknowledges that Coral Gables was a good location for her gallery, and that her decision to move to the Design District is predicated on the evolving strength of the neighborhood.

"We are very excited to move to the 4141 Building and form part of the renaissance of the Design District,” Porcella said. “This is Miami's future as the arts, fashion, and design destination.”

The live classical performance will take place on the night of the grand opening and the exhibition will be on display until November 20th. For more information or to rsvp for the opening reception, send an email to info@ca-doro.com.