Fuel Injected Luxury at Miami Supercar Rooms

Auto Art Gallery and Gourmet Dining Experience Now Open

Elo, the founder of the UK’s esteemed London Motor Museum has opened his highly anticipated Miami Supercar Rooms – the nation’s first Auto Art Gallery and Gourmet Dining Experience – now taking reservations for unique fuel injected dinners in the heart of Wynwood Arts District.

Founded by the British-born automotive visionary behind one of Europe’s most coveted collections, Elo brings his most popular series of classic, vintage, exotic, sports and custom made vehicles – on two wheels and four – as the centerpiece for an aesthetically fuelled concept in luxury automotive excellence, epicurean hospitality and nightlife entertainment – considered to be the first experience of its kind in the country.

“I’m pleased to officially open Miami Supercar Rooms, the nation’s first Supercar—Culinary encounter,” says Elo. “During Art Basel, guests were able to enjoy a taste of things to come and over the last two months, our concept has been tried and tested among some of the city’s most discerning influencers – all of whom have enjoyed the experience and given us some very positive feedback. We were excited to have Chef Rafael and GK Bistronomie as our opening restaurant partner and welcomed our first group of members in February.”

An impressive 15,000 square foot purpose-built venue houses six of the most desirable cars in the world – proving to satisfy the viewing pleasure of the most avid auto enthusiast to those simply looking for a memorable new realm of discovery. Alongside the exhilarating showroom is where the Miami Supercar Dining Experience begins with a spacious open-air patio featuring six dining “Pods.” Each Pod is the home to an illustrious Supercar masterpiece that accompanies a polished aluminum dining table for up to six people. Guests enjoy their gourmet dining experience beside an historic crown jewel of the automotive world.

1929 Rolls Royce Bootch
1929 Rolls Royce Bootch
The Miami Supercar Rooms experience is based on a free guest membership program. The type of premium experience the guest requires and how regularly they visit determines ongoing membership status. The management team at Miami Supercar Rooms grants a free membership to each individual upon arrival with three levels of membership available.

Miami Supercar Rooms is an exciting interactive experience that combines three essential elements – luxury automotive excellence, gourmet dining and music. The Miami Supercar Dining experience is an epicurean journey in to gourmet cuisine. Six outdoor Pods are available to reserve at $3,000 each for the entire evening – each one seating groups of up to six guests. The dining experience within each Pod is accompanied by one of the most desirable cars in the world. An Associate is assigned to guests within each Pod and is knowledgeable about the car featured inside. Upon being seated, a Super CarRoom Associate welcomes the group with the story and rich history behind the vehicle situated beside them. “Associates” perform the role of a butler for each table during the night, ensuring that every guest is satisfied with their experience. Each month, Miami Supercar Rooms will partner with a local Miami restaurant, from which the Executive Chef will create a special menu to serve members for the month-long period. The Miami Supercar Rooms Experience is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.

1931 Ford Hot Rod
1931 Ford Hot Rod
The Executive Chef from the featured restaurant greets each group to discuss the specials of the day and the menu created for the night. The culinary offering is always seasonal and multi-cultural in its approach to reflect South Florida’s cosmopolitan palate, with locally grown ingredients as a prime component. Guests enjoy a five-course gourmet meal and an open bar that can be enjoyed during the meal and during the post-dinner program of entertainment.

Within the Auto Art Gallery, members will be able to experience a never-before-seen collection of extremely rare models such as the 1955 SL 300 Mercedes Gullwing; 1929 Rolls Royce Bootch; 1958 450 S Maserati vintage racing car; 1961 196 SP Ferrari vintage racing car and the 2007 Shelby Supercar Ultimate Aero TT – awarded in 2007 with the title of fastest production car in the world. Miami Supercar Rooms also features one-of-a-kind vehicles including a 1935 derivative of the only Bugatti “Atlantic,” known as the “Pacific” - built by the famed Terry Cook of Delahaye ÙSA. Among many other rare gems from the automotive world, Miami Supercar Rooms also features the only Lamborghini tractor in America. The 1953 masterpiece is one of only three remaining in the world.

2007 Shelby Supercar Ultimate Aero TT
2007 Shelby Supercar Ultimate Aero TT
Miami Supercar Rooms is Wynwood’s home for progressive music and live entertainment. Members may prefer to skip dinner and simply sit at the bar for the night with friends. Host of an MTV Latin America show, Zoel, is the resident music director, presenting the latest sounds from South America to Miami, Ibiza and London. A wide array of guest DJs and cutting-edge producers will also be invited for members to enjoy.

Auto enthusiasts who do not require an evening dinner reservation are able to browse the vehicles on display, have access in to the Auto Art Gallery, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee while working in one of the dining Pods. Miami Supercar Rooms offers free admission in to the venue each day between the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Monday.

Miami Supercar Rooms is located at 2022 N.W. 1st Court in Wynwood Art District. Open from 10 a.m. Wednesday through Monday, with dinner reservations available from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Auto Art Gallery is open daily to the public daily except Tuesdays. For further information and to make a reservation call 305-363-2020, email Reservations@MiamiSuperCarRooms.com or visit www.MiamiSuperCarRooms.com.
Auto Art Gallery Dining Experience

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