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WLRN brings Michel Martin to South Florida

Mission Statement
The Mission of WLRN Public Radio and Television is to provide information, entertainment, and learning services with a commitment to excellence in serving local, national and international communities. WLRN's Vision is to be the most trusted, valued, and supported public media organization in South Florida. WLRN, a public radio and television station, has been serving the South Florida community for over 60 years. WLRN Radio signed on in 1948 as a non-profit, non-commercial broadcast station licensed to the School Board of Dade County. WLRN-TV followed in 1955. Since then, WLRN has grown steadily to become an integral part of the community it serves, offering a rich and varied mix of news and information, arts and culture, childhood education and lifelong learning. WLRN is a multi-faceted media enterprise, comprising a television and a radio station, cable services, and closed-circuit educational channels. New digital television and radio channels now complement more traditional broadcast services, ushering in the next stage of WLRN’s evolution. Today, WLRN continues to provide quality public radio and television services to a combined weekly audience of well over a million people in South Florida, from Palm Beach to Key West. WLRN also provides media support to Miami-Dade County Public Schools, whose 320 schools have an enrollment of over 319,000 students.

Arts and Culture: WLRN Celebrates 60 Years of Service


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