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Civic Chorale of Greater Miami

11232 S.W. 134th Court
Miami, FL 33186

Phone: 305-490-5930


Mission Statement
Since 1970, the Civic Chorale of Greater Miami has been a vital musical force in South Florida. Recently, the non-profit and community-based choir announced its fresh redesigned logo.

Phee Price, the organization's Executive Director, states "it was time for us expand our horizons, develop a consistent marketing identity, and engage more fully in new media outreach."

The Civic Chorale of Greater Miami was formed by choral visionary and University of Miami Music Professor, Lee Kjelson in 1970. Since that time, the Chorale has been one of South Florida's most professionally active adult choral ensembles, and has earned a reputation as being both musically excellent and community-minded. The Chorale is part of Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus and is under the direction of Artistic Director, Kenneth Boos.

Suzette Lopez, founder of Parrot Fish Studio, and creator of the new logo observes, “The Civic Chorale of Greater Miami was looking to refresh their identity. We felt it was important to infuse more of a Miami color scheme while keeping a very clean graphic identity. It's really one main instrument that is the highlight of the group, singing voices. The idea was to develop a look that helped bring more attention to the fact that Greater Miami has a world class choral group.”

For more information about Civic Chorale and its upcoming events, please visit


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