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Live Like Bella Foundation

P.O. BOX 161215
Miami, FL 33116

Phone: 786-203-3941


Photo Galleries

Live Like Bella Annual Luncheon


The Inaugural Bella’s Ball

Mission Statement
We fund Pediatric cancer research of novel, non toxic treatments for a cure. We provide in treatment assistance to families with recreational support. We assist families with the purchase of a headstone or urn in the tragic event their child passes away.

Bella Rodriguez-Torres, is the oldest daughter of Shannah and Raymond. Despite having developmental delays from low oxygen at birth, she was a healthy and happy four year old when in July 2007 when she became paralyzed overnight. The cause of the paralysis was a large tumor in her spine with seven other tumors throughout her body. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive childhood cancer. Her prognosis was dire. Medical experts across the globe agreed that Bella had but a few months to live and would never walk again. She miraculously regained the ability to walk, run and jump and went into remission when it was never thought possible. Bella courageously fought cancer six times until her death on May 28, 2013. Her big brown eyes, infectious smile, determination and innocence touched thousands across the globe. Bella never feared, she never complained and always cared more for others than she did for herself. Bella had unwavering faith, a loving heart and a great sense of compassion for others. Her life and legacy, to care and serve others, lives on with the work of the Live Like Bella™ foundation for childhood cancer. Our Purpose: End childhood cancer.


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