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Per Scholas Miami
3050 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 202
Miami, FL 33137

Phone: 305-576-8113
Fax: 305-576-8177


Mission Statement
Per Scholas is a non-profit social venture dedicated to using technology to improve the lives of people in low-income communities. Operating out of locations in the South Bronx and Miami, our vocational training, computer distribution and recycling programs work together to empower children and help adults build living-wage careers. Per Scholas provides environmentally responsible recycling for computer equipment, the best of which is reconditioned and distributed to low-income families at the lowest possible price.

Per Scholas was founded in 1995 by a consortium of leading foundations and corporations to build and distribute computers at a significant discount to schools serving low-income neighborhoods. Its name, derived from the Latin phrase "for schools," reflects the organization's dedication to technology education and putting computer equipment and knowledge into the hands of disadvantaged students, families and the schools and organizations that serve them.Per Scholas has been a leader in bringing the advantages of computer technology and workforce development to low-income communities for over 13 years. Our programs— computer technician training, computer recycling and computer distribution— work together to support one another functionally and financially. To date we have connected 80,000 residents to home computers and trained 3,000 low-income adults to obtain high-wage jobs in the technology field. In addition to our core mission Per Scholas has also established an environmental and economic development focus havingrecycled 750,000 pieces of equipment, keeping hazardous materials out of landfills and creating 60 full-time jobs, bringing over $5 million in economic activity to the poorest congressional district in the nation.

Mission: Per Scholas is an environmentally responsible nonprofit organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing education, technology and economic opportunities to individuals, families and communities.


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