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Birthright Israel NEXT South Florida

421 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 786-361-6398


Mission Statement
Birthright Israel NEXT South Florida inspires all Taglit-Birthright Israel trip participants and their peers in the South Florida area to expand their connections to the land and people of Israel, to deepen their personal commitments to Jewish life, and to find or form a community where Jewish responsibility, learning, and celebration thrive. Birthright Israel NEXT South Florida supports peer-driven events and gatherings. We encourage friends to invite friends and engage in Jewish life on their own terms. Our local leaders think about natural connections between people and how these connections can form niche communities of shared interests. Rather than trying to gather a few thousand people in one place, we gather small, self-organized groups of people in hundreds of places. In addition to the programs that celebrate Jewish holidays and Israeli culture, our events focus on community service, career networking, environmental education, and the arts. We also offer formal educational events, such as Hebrew Ulpans, Israel seminars, and ongoing Jewish learning.


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