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Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami

c/o Manuel Artime Theater
900 S.W. 1st Street, Third Floor
Miami, FL 33130

Phone: 305-549-7711
Fax: 305-549-7771


Mission Statement
Famous for its artistic virtuosity and technical brilliance, the Cuban Ballet School has trained some of the most well known dancers of today and the late 20th Century, and has created a technique that is unmatched in modern day classical ballet. In collaboration with Miami-Dade College, the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami’s (CCBM), goal is to establish a permanent classical ballet company and school that will preserve and further the tradition of the Cuban Classical School of ballet outside of Cuba, creating performance and teaching opportunities for the exiled members of this school in Miami and elsewhere for years to come. The CCBM was founded in January 2006 by Pedro Pablo Peña, Director of the International Ballet Festival of Miami (, recognized as one of the most important festivals of its kind in the United States. In his quest for quality, Mr. Peña invited recognized ballet mistress Magaly Suárez as Artistic Director of the CCBM. The main purpose of the CCBM is to showcase recently exiled Cuban principal dancers as well as those already in residing in the United States. Through the establishment of this company, our artists have found a place where they can transform their brilliant technique into a tool of expression. Many dancers come to our city looking for a place to continue their careers. For those unwavering in their dreams, they can bloom as artists with the CCBM, the only true classical ballet company in Miami. The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami’s mission is to promote and preserve the tradition of the classical ballet, to develop future career classical dancers and to ensure that the organization achieves an international reputation as one of the preeminent ballet companies in America. The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami represents the true essence of the classical ballet, and wishes to be recognized nationally and internationally for its high technical standards, artistic integrity and unwavering commitment to present the very best in classical ballet.


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