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Arts & Business Council of Miami

2801 Florida Avenue
Suite 10
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Phone: 305-326-1011
Fax: 305-357-3882



2004 Serving the Arts Luncheon

Mission Statement
The Arts & Business Council of Miami is a unique organization that is making a difference in South Florida by providing the catalyst for building working partnerships between the corporate and cultural communities. We currently assist over 500 arts groups through volunteer programs, leadership training, customized board retreats, educational workshops, collaborations, networking events and executive consultancies. We are the one stop resource for business professionals that want to share their skills and time with the arts. The essence of our focus is reflected in our mission to foster and build partnerships between business and the arts that are mutually beneficial and contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of Greater Miami and the South Florida Region. We accomplish this mission with programs that promote voluntarism, build arts management capacity, gather and disseminate relevant information, and advocate closer ties between business and the arts. Some of our key programs include: Arts Connection direct service volunteer program; South Florida Arts Database; National Arts Marketing ProjectTM; Business Volunteers for the ArtsTM; MetLife National Arts ForumsTM; Serving the Arts Awards and Luncheon and Arts Board Miami. By providing leadership opportunities and spearheading innovative programs and initiatives, the Arts & Business Council has made a lasting impact on the business community, arts and cultural organizations, and the whole region. Since our inception in 1985, Arts & Business Council staff, volunteers and outreach has contributed more than eight million dollars in services to the cultural community. Many arts organizations, particularly small and emerging groups, need to strengthen their management capability in order to make more efficient use of existing resources, and to increase their chances for securing additional resources. The Arts & Business Council accomplishes this in part by linking skilled volunteers from the business community with arts organizations through direct service and integrated projects, training programs, information systems, networking events, workshops and board development to help prepare future arts leaders and managers.


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