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MACTown, Inc.
151 N.E. 62nd Street
Miami, FL 33138

Phone: 305-758-4485
Fax: 305-756-9990


Mission Statement
For over 40 years, MACtown, Inc. has been committed to the provision of quality services to Developmentally Disabled adults in South Florida. Participants are enrolled in one or more of our programs based on the fact that we provide individualized attention without losing sight of the bigger picture.... Participant Independence! As a not-for-profit organization, MACtown does not have investors to keep happy or profit margins to maintain. This allows us to focus on the importance of individualized programs dedicated to improving the lives of the Developmentally Disabled. Our goal is to improve the programming so that participants will be more independent. All MACtown programs and services are fully certified and licensed through the Department of Children and Families, by the State of Florida, and meet or exceed all state, and federal requirements. We provide the type of service any one of us would want for our own family members, and approach each participant as if they are a part of the 'MACtown family'. We envision MACtown providing more services to the Developmentally Disabled population in South Florida. While expansion may be in the future for MACtown, we remain committed to the same level of quality services for which we have become known, and will never place corporate revenue or corporate expansion over quality programming.


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