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Jackson Health Foundation

1500 N.W. 12th Avenue
Suite 1117 East
Miami, FL 33136

Phone: 305-585-4483

Link: www.SupportJHF.org

Photo Galleries

Golden Angel Society Celebrates $2.3 Million Donation
Golden Angel Society
Chanel 2008 Resort and Cruise Collection
Social Affairs Starfish Awards Dinner


Golden Angels Centennial Celebration Gala - January 20!
Marisa Cisneros Rizzon and Marcos Rizzon Sponsor 2009 Holiday Party


19th Annual Guardians of the Children Luncheon
Golden Angels Gala - 25th Birthday Bash
2016 Golden Angels Gala
2015 Golden Angels Gala
2014 Guardians of the Children Luncheon
2014 Golden Angels Gala
2009 Golden Angels Gala
Rene Ruiz Luncheon for Golden Angel Society
Chanel Show Lands in Miami Executive Airport
Jackson Memorial Foundation Gala 2007

Mission Statement
Jackson Health Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization, serves as the principal source of fundraising for the Jackson Health System. The Foundation’s generous supporters provide critical funding necessary to improve the system’s facilities, provide the most advanced equipment and technology, and support its priority projects. Contributions to the Jackson Health Foundation help ensure that those we care for have the most technologically advanced and highest quality care available within the Jackson Health System.

To find out more about the Foundation or its fundraising programs, including the Golden Angel Society, Guardian Angels, and International Kids Fund Wonderfund™, call 305-355-4999 or visit http://www.jacksonhealthfoundation.org.


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